Friday, August 2, 2013

Large Tanzanite Found

As I was going through my Facebook news feed this morning, a photo of an absolutely GORGEOUS Tanzanite popped up. And even though it was still in it’s rough state, I could see that it is going to make someone-or a bunch of someones-extremely happy.

Third Largest Tanzanite, 12K+ct

Reportedly it is the third largest Tanzanite ever found. At more than 12,000 cts, it is only the THIRD Largest

Well, that got me thinking...Just how big was the Largest???

Largest, to date, Tanzanite.

 ”16,389 carats which is 3.2778 kilograms, which is 7.21116 pounds!” 

That is about the size of a brick!!

Then I was thinking. What is the Largest Faceted Tanzanite?

737+ct of Tanzanite

737+cts!!!  I can only imagine what that one will look like once it has been set.

Tanzanite is a relatively new Gem to collectors. Only having been discovered in 1967, and then made famous by Tiffany & Co marketing.

Only found in one spot on Earth, the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzanite is extremely rare-and reportedly all but mined out. The finding of such a Large piece of rough gives me hope that new Stones will continue to be found-BUT, I am a Hopeless Romantic. Maybe we will see more of pieces like this...
The Queen of Kilimanjaro, 242 st surrounded by Tsavorite and Diamond.

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